Who We Are We harness the power of music, education and infrastructure to break cycles of inequality, respond to community needs and inspire positive change in the world around us.

Mathone Staff

Lucner Pierre, Community Leader Mathone


Lucner Pierre, a native Haitian missionary, is widely known in Haiti because of his World Radio program. Both a college trained lawyer and missionary, Lucner Pierre uses his Haitian and U.S. degrees to serve his native people. Road to Hope partnered with Lucner to build Lucner’s Mathone school. In addition to the Mathone school he has developed a network of churches, schools, and orphanages.

His schools, throughout the northern region, provide a primary and spiritual education and a source for a daily nutritious meal. One of those schools includes a college in downtown Cap Haitien that provides secondary education and preparation for employment. Lucner’s orphanages supply the physical and spiritual needs for some of the northern region’s children.

Ivenel Sainta, School Director

Lucner Pierre, Administrator

Clarisse Renelus, Kindergartens

Jouvile Docteur, 1st Grade

Geraldy Francois, 3rd Grade

Sania Payoute, 5th grade

Jannot Pierre, 6th Grade

Junior Cherenfant, Watchman

Thonsky Etienne, Security

Marilia Alcinor, Cook

Renelus Rosane, Cook

Our Focus

We help children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and achieve.
  • Education

    A solid foundation in education is key to success later in life. Your donation funds teachers, books and extracurricular activities to help get youngsters off to the right start.

  • Music & the Arts

    Music & the arts can enrich education, heal wounds, bring happiness and transform lives. Contributions support the Haiti Youth Orchestra and Haitian artisans.

  • Clean Water

    Clean water and good sanitation are the basis of good health in any community. Less than half of Haitians in rural areas (like the communities The Road to Hope works) have access to clean water.