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Welcome to the ESPWA Screening Toolkit!

This guide was designed to provide context for our first-ever short subject documentary and to empower viewers to create positive change in their global and local communities. Inside, you will find a brief history of Haiti, traditional recipes, and links to playlists featuring popular Haitian music. You’ll also find a ‘Guide to Getting Involved,’ which will help you identify ways to engage with, and support, The Road to Hope’s locally-led initiatives in Haiti. ESPWA Screening Toolkit.

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Party Your Way to a Better World

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Have you ever wished that making a difference was as easy as going to a party?

Well, now it is! Host a Road to Hope House Party or Facebook Fundraiser and help us send more kids to school, build more wells, and provide clean sanitation to more people than ever before.

Hosting a party is a piece of cake. We've even created a step by step guide on how to make your party a hit!

Sign up to host a party today! Together, we can party our way to a better world!

Together, we can party our way to a better world!

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