Our Mission: We harness the power of music, education and infrastructure to break cycles of inequality, respond to community needs and inspire positive change in the world around us.

Some Growth Opportunity for The Road to Hope in the next few years.

The three main priority area's we plan to focus on:


  • Add grades 7 to 12 to the schools in Nordette and Mathone.
  • Hire more teachers for the school.
  • Provide “train the teacher” training at both schools.
  • Purchase schoolbooks for kids of all grades in Nordette and Mathone.
  • Sustainable agriculture projects/other vocational training/micro enterprise.
  • Provide more instruments in Mirebalais and Delmas for the Haiti Youth Orchestra.
  • Grow the Haiti Youth Orchestra program and create an orchestra in Nordette (2021) and Mathone (2022).
  • Hire Assistant Musical Director and music teachers (Graduate students from HYO).
  • Other.

Health & Sanitation:

  • Repair the wells and other building repairs (Nordette and Mahtone).
  • Develop health care program in the surrounding communities of Nordette in 2020 and Mathone 2021.
  • Hire Community Health Workers in Nordette region and Mathone region.
  • Complete the latrines in Nordette and build latrines at the school (Mathone).
  • Hire local workers in those community to do the work.
  • Implement health care training programs at both schools.
  • Other

Authentic Cross-Cultural Connections:

  • Bring the Haiti experience here… culture, music, food, language, etc…
  • Develop “Tap Tap” as an education tool to travel and offer experiential education programs to schools, museums, churches and camps in Colorado and other parts of United States.
  • Create travel/connection experiences with the youth from here and abroad.
  • Documentary about Haiti to be an education tool and participation in film festivals.
  • Develop partnerships with other schools that offer music (USA/Haiti/other…)
  • Develop volunteering opportunities for teenagers and young adults here and in Haiti.
  • Other.