Nearly six years ago, I founded the Haiti Youth Orchestra from my first donation of 8 string instruments through Viva Suzuki. Since then, HYO has grown to a full orchestra, including more than 80 instruments, and more then 150 students in the music program. HYO now travels Haiti, playing at weddings, schools, funeral and church services and more. I have been blown away by the immense amount of support I’ve received at home, such as the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, as well as the undying passion for music that is in each and every aspiring musician in HYO.

I started HYO because I saw a real need for music in a classical setting in Haitian culture. The amazing people are so musically gifted due to the deep appreciation of music in the culture, and yet, nearly none of them know what a ‘violin’, or a ‘symphony orchestra’ is. Because of this, I felt it was important to give them the recourses they needed to deepen their appreciation of music through orchestral music.

As the years pass, we hope to continue development of HYO’s second orchestra, St. Martin, and further our partnership with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.
So, I say thank you to all of our supporters like CSO, our donors, and most importantly, to all of the amazing kids of HYO!