The Road to Hope March Newsletter

Haitians rush for supplies after first COVID-19 cases found.
The Western Hemisphere's poorest nation just completed its first year free of cholera, which killed nearly 10,000 people over the last decade.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haitians rushed to buy food, gas, soap and face masks Friday after the announcement of two imported cases of the coronavirus sparked worries that the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation could be overwhelmed by the illness. To read more, click here

Nordette Update:
This month, the latrine project was completed! The latrines are not only used by the students at the school, but the community uses them on Sunday's when Church is in session. The latrines allow children to learn about the importance of sanitation and proper hand-washing.

Meet the teachers and staff working with The Road to Hope in Nordette here

Pictures above from left to right: Children at school; children at the latrine washing hands before eating

Haiti Youth Orchestra Update:

Raphaella Masson, pictured above, is a member of the Haiti Youth Orchestra and was interviewed by Voca Film. Voca Film visited Mirebalais to capture footage for a documentary of a Haitian family. They spent a week capturing footage of Haiti and the Masson family, and Haiti Youth Orchestra, a program of Road to Hope.

The documentary will be screened at SIE Film Center in Denver. Date is To Be Determined. Please lookout for ticket(s) to register and sponsorship information.

Mathone Update:
Pictured above are children eating meals. While children attending school get a meal everyday, those children unable to attend school are also provided with meals at the school.

Meet the teachers and staff working with The Road to Hope in Mathone here

The Road to Hope Impact in Mathone, Haiti:

Dearest Friends and benefactors,

May God keep going with you and your country in this terrible time. This is a message to keep you posted on the what going on concerning the school in Mathone.

The school in mathone has 150 kids divided as follow: Preschool class has 28 kids; First year: 20 kids; Second year: 22 kids; Third year 15 kids; Fourth year 30 kids; Fifth year 15 kids; Sixth year 20 kids.

The students receive a regular lunch every day. That is 150 kids have access to food. Please understand that some of them take some food home in order to share with their brothers and sisters that are starving at home. In other words, due to your donations about 200 kids have access to some food every day.

The school are free for the students because their parents cannot afford to pay tuition.

The teachers only receive $55 us per month.
The list of the staff is: Ivenel Sainfa, principal; Jannot Pierre, teacher of 6th grade; Sania Payoute, teacher of 5th grade; Geraldy Francois, teacher of 3rd grade; Nardine Maxime, teacher of 2nd grade; Youvlie Docteur, teacher of 1st grade; Clarisse Renelus, teacher of Preschool class; Bendjy Noel, teacher of 4th grade; Junior Cherenfant, watchman; Renelus Rosane, cook; Marilia Alcinor, cook; Jhonsky Etienne, security; Rose Marie Montius Pierre Jean, planner; Lucner Pierre, administrator.

It is important to realize that Road to Hope is the only organization that support the school to have access to food.

Usually speaking, the students eat rice and bean with sardines. Sometimes they have corn with bean sauce with meat.

I do not want to end this report without telling you that 10 illiterate parents can now write and read due to their kids that taught them. Moreover, many people of Mathone community get access to fresh water due to the well of the school. Please know that they used to drink their water from the river.

Thank you so much for the big difference you are making in life of the kids and Mathone Community. We love and pray for you, your organization and your country for God's compassion in this TERRIBLE TIME CAUSED BY CORONAVIRUS. Please do the same for us in Haiti.
With Love and Respect,
Pastor Lucner

News: The Road to Hope is Bringing Healthcare to Haiti
The Road to Hope is partnering with Bridge of Line and Double Harvest to bring more permanent health care to the Nordette Region. Dr. Kerby, a pediatrician, and her administrator (pictured below) will be working with Road to Hope to provide community health in the Saut D'eau region (Nordette).

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