The Road to Hope February Newsletter

Nordette Update:
The children are focused on continuing their education. The positive impact this has on their lives and on the community is unparalleled.
The work on the latrines for the school and community are still in progress. Local workers are helping build the latrines, helping the local economy.

Haiti Youth Orchestra Update:

Back in January, Peter Clervoyant, a member of Haiti Youth Orchestra, attended his first Denver Nuggets game. Before the game, he performed the National Anthem with the Colorado Youth Symphony. Peter is in Colorado for 5 months where he will play in the local youth orchestra, work on his English, and study music education as he hope of becoming a teacher in Haiti for the Haiti Youth Orchestra.

Mathone Update:
Most can remember sitting around the dinner table helping their children with their homework. For Louvensky, Wadly Celestine, and Salandzky at the Mathone school the tables have turned. The students have become the tutors helping teach their parents how to read and write.
Most in the community are illiterate and basic skills in reading, writing and math can open doors of opportunity and sometimes mean the difference of being cheated at the marketplace.
For some it may mean additional employment opportunities as the parents acquire skills and confidence to do more than substance farming.
Your charitable gifts are making this and so much more possible at the Mathone and Nordette schools.

Images: Waldy and mom (left), Louvensky and mom (right)

Upcoming Events:
-Design Camp with Andrea Schumacher Interiors:Have a design problem, questions or would love spending time with a designer? Bring any design dilemma and we'll solve it together! Sign up for Design Camp Here

When: Thursday, May 7, 2020 from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Cost: $1,000 per person*
*All proceeds benefit The Road to Hope and the fee is tax-deductible.

Special thanks to John and Tamara Yount for their assistance coordinating the Sushi event at Izakaya Den in January. Their efforts helped raise funds for the Road to Hope while also enjoying delicious sushi!

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