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We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.


My name is Lovelie Marcellus. I am 18 years old. I am still in school I attend Collége Saint Pierre. My family is modest and I am the youngest child. My favorite part of school is philosophy since I like to debate. I also like biology and chemistry. I like to spend my time to practice the violin and to help teach the beginning music students. The Road To hope is the organization of Zach which works with Haiti Youth Orchestra, which helps me to achieve my dream to become a violinist, to play a marvelous instrument. I hope to become a professional violinist and to work with the Haiti Youth Orchestra because it can become part of a professional orchestra.


This year I will be a sophomore at Colorado Academy. I have been to Haiti once so far and hope to go again this coming year! During my first trip to Haiti, I met this amazing boy named Tsblada. I met him when I was collecting rocks. I would pick up rocks, stick them in a bucket, bring to this massive pile, dump them out, and then repeat this process. Throughout the day I had already seen him around the school, but eventually he came up to me and asked me in creole what my name was. I did my best to tell him my name is Gabby even though my creole was most likely difficult to understand. From there on we were always together. He would see me from all the way across the school yard and shout, "Gabby!". One of my favorite memories with him is going down to a stream to help him get water for his family. He would grab my hand and then sprint down this extremely steep trail. I was tripping and falling, but it was quite funny because he would then turn around and try to catch me even though he is about half my size. Later on in my week in Haiti, I was told Tsblada doesn't go to school with the rest of the kids because his family can’t afford it. Yet, he is such a happy kid, even though he doesn't get to learn and go to school with the other kids. Tsblada is a huge inspiration to me and I can’t wait to go back to Haiti again!



A senior at Colorado Academy, Adalyn first traveled to Haiti with the Road to Hope her freshman year of high school. She describes this trip as “life-altering, not just because of the intense exposure to legitimate poverty, hunger, and lack of basic human privileges, but also because of the wide, contagious smiles that never seem to leave Haitian children’s faces.” While she has been motivated to help the condition of Haiti, as evidenced through her position as an intern and student advisory board member of The Road to Hope, her repeated trips to Haiti, and the founding of a local Haiti Club and fundraiser run, she insists that the Haitians her help more than she could ever help them. Haiti gives her new perspectives— ones of joy and simplicity— a place of refuge, and a purpose as she trudges through the struggles of high school.
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