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Jobs created in Haiti


Students enrolled


Instruments donated


Meals served each year


We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.


Adalyn Richards, a senior at Colorado Academy, first traveled to Haiti with the Road to Hope her freshman year of high school. She describes this trip as “life-altering, not just because of the intense exposure to legitimate poverty, hunger, and lack of basic human privileges, but also because of the wide, contagious smiles that never seem to leave Haitian children’s faces.” While she has been motivated to help the condition of Haiti, as evidenced through her position as an intern and student advisory board member of The Road to Hope, her repeated trips to Haiti, and the founding of a local Haiti Club and fundraiser run, she insists that the Haitians help her more than she could ever help them. Haiti gives her new perspectives— ones of joy and simplicity— a place of refuge, and a purpose as she trudges through the struggles of high school.


We are proud to call Werley a friend. We first met him by chance atop of a hydroelectric damn in 2015, where he tried to sell us authentic Haitian bracelet and paintings. After some interesting and fun conversation with him, he followed us to our hotel where he continued the conversation and selling of merchandise. From that point on, Werley has been in contact with us via social media and has greeted us each time we travel to Haiti. As one of many siblings, he is extremely lucky to receive a college education. He is an increasingly impressive entrepreneur and it’s been a pleasure to watch him grow.


Sweet Rosalind is one of our closest friends in Haiti, and we love her to pieces. She suffers from Albinism, which is a rare and dangerous skin condition that limits her production of melanin, rendering her extremely susceptible to painful sunburns and skin cancer. To remedy her situation, we bring her plenty of sunscreen and bucket hats when we travel to Nordette. Now that she is well protected from the sun, she is able to enjoy a normal life with loving friends, playtime outside, and a blooming personality.
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