2017 Year in Review

The Road to Hope

Year in Review

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We're Making a Difference

see why 2017 was our biggest year yet,

2017 has been an exciting year in many respects, especially here at the Road to Hope!

Check out the video above to see everything we've accomplished with you by our side.
 With your support, we know we can continue to make even bigger impacts for Haiti, one child at a time.

We're giving the year a proper send off, with an end-of-year donation match! 
Give today, and have every dollar of your donation matched up to the $3500 goal!

Thank you so much for your support in 2017, and throughout 2018. 
We are so proud to be surrounded by such an excited and passionate community!

By the way, want to get involved with the Road to Hope during 2018?
Find out how you can become a volunteer and sign up as a recurring donor today! 

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